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Hello! Welcome to the official weblog for the Office for Mac team at Microsoft (a.k.a the Macintosh Business Unit, or simply MacBU). Our team is focused exclusively on developing software for the Macintosh platform. Our main product is, of course, Microsoft Office for Mac, which includes Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Entourage and Messenger for Mac. We also create the Remote Desktop Connection Client for Mac, a free product available on our website.

We decided to create a team blog because we wanted to offer a broad range of voices and perspectives across MacBU. Bloggers on this site include developers, testers, user assistance, product managers, usability engineers, product marketers, and our General Manager. We have bloggers from both our Redmond, WA and Mountain View, CA (Silicon Valley) campuses. Some of us are experienced bloggers whom you may have been reading for years; others are newbies, blogging for the very first time as part of this team.

Want to get to know us better? When someone makes a post, you can click on the author’s name to view his/her profile to get more info about who we are as individuals and as a team.

One thing we all share: We are excited about communicating with the Mac community via our blog in an informative and more informal way. We’ll blog on a variety of topics (some technical, some not) that interest us and we hope will interest you. From time to time, we will also invite guest bloggers to give you another perspective about our software and the people behind it.

Thanks for taking the time to check us out. We hope you find our blog interesting and enjoyable, and that it helps us get to know each other a little better. And if you happen to attend Macworld in San Francisco next year, there’s a good chance you will meet many of us there! J

-         The Office for Mac blog team




Postings are provided "as is" with no warranties, and confers no rights. Use of included script samples are subject to the terms specified at

Comments to our posts are encouraged, and we ask that you use good blogging manners so we can have open and productive discussions. As such, the usual guidelines apply: please keep posts on topic, be productive and respectful, and avoid profanity, abusive language or anything that violates our site terms of use.

  • Mac Mojo

    Mac Mojo is Moving

    As of January 15th, 2008 Mac Mojo has moved to We love bringing you the official blog of the Macintosh Business Unit (Mac BU) so you can read and discuss insights from the team here at Microsoft that creates Office...
  • Mac Mojo

    To Do or Not To Do... That is the Question

    That really is the quintessential question and it’s one that people have to answer multiple times each day. The ability to quickly mark items for follow-up, to have easily accessible ToDo lists and to have clear and useful views into deliverables is essential...
  • Mac Mojo

    Take Note on Word

    Greetings from MacBU and Happy New Year!  As you probably know by now, Office 2008 RTM’ed last month and we’re thrilled to start off 2008 with our product launch at Macworld Expo San Francisco.  Next week, we’ll be awaiting everyone at our Macworld booth...
  • Mac Mojo

    Ship It, Ship It Good

    Hello everyone, I thought this would be good time to jump in and introduce myself. I’m the Director of Marketing and Planning for MacBU – a longtime ‘softie and closing in on my first anniversary in the Macintosh Business Unit. Like most of us in MacBU...
  • Mac Mojo

    Office 2008 Hits RTM

    Here’s the latest official word – Office 2008 for Mac has Released to Manufacturing (RTM)! We’re very pleased to announce that the product team has signed off, and our final build has left the building and is en route to manufacturing sites abroad...
  • Mac Mojo

    It's About Data

    In my Calendar post , I touched on some of the work we’ve done in our Entourage 2008 reliability focus. I’d like to continue that discussion today with some details about our efforts in another critical area, the Entourage Database. Apart from a few exceptions...
  • Mac Mojo

    PowerPoint to Go

    Getting presentations from PowerPoint 2008 for Mac to your iPod or iPhone is easy. PowerPoint exports your presentation as a series of pictures directly to iPhoto, or saves those same slide images as pictures to your Pictures folder. From there, sync pictures to your iPod or iPhone through iTunes as usual, then use the built-in Photos or slide show program on your iPod or iPhone to show your presentation. No sweat!...
  • Mac Mojo

    Office 2008 for Mac: BFD!

    BFD! Big Friday Deals. Best Friday Destinations. The mall, online - wherever I can find them, I love a bargain. And there is no better bargain-hunting day than Black Friday , the day after Thanksgiving. En masse, we will drag our L-tryptophan dosed selves...
  • Mac Mojo

    A Chat about Messenger

    Hi, my name is Anav and I work on the Messenger for Mac product in Mac BU. I follow the blog and newsgroup comments out there and I know there are questions on the status of Messenger for Mac, and more specifically the status of Audio/Video (AV) support...
  • Mac Mojo

    Longest remote home folder test … 600 miles…

    Sorry it’s been so long since my last post, but I’ve been quite busy fixing bugs which are either old, new, borrowed and quite far away. In fact some are so far away it takes driving all the way to Burbank, CA to verify the fix. I’ve spent a good number...
  • Mac Mojo

    RDC for Mac v2 Beta2 is Here!

    From Mac Mojo Guest Blogger David Liu of the MacBU RDC team Greetings from the MacBU RDC team! My name is David Liu and I am the program manager for Mac RDC 2.0. I am very excited to announc e the availability of the public beta2 version of Microsoft...
  • Mac Mojo

    There's a new cat in town

    + Click here to enlarge Apple’s newest version of Mac OS X , called Leopard, was released into the wild at 6pm local time on October 26 th . I’ve seen a number of people asking about how compatible Mac Office is with Leopard, and I thought I’d chime...
  • Mac Mojo

    Welcome to London!

    Another city, another expo! I’ve been travelling on and off since Apple Expo in Paris giving some Office 2008 training to Apple Store staff and key partners and resellers! It feels good to finally be able to show our new offering (well, part of it at...
  • Mac Mojo

    Object Palette

    There is a new tool in town… the Object Palette. This new tool lives in the Toolbox and allows you to quickly find and insert images into your document. The OP, as it is nicknamed, is designed to provide quick access to the following commonly used objects...
  • Mac Mojo

    The Smart in SmartArt

    I use Office every day to communicate – email, documents, presentations, spreadsheets. I like to use visual aids to improve my communication -- it’s invaluable to reinforce your ideas with graphics, and if it looks cool, even better. How do you take a...
  • Mac Mojo

    It's About Time

    During the planning and development of Entourage 2008, I’ve had a chance to meet with many Mac Exchange users and administrators to discuss the direction of Exchange in Entourage. I’ve read the comments, suggestions, and constructive criticism from a...
  • Mac Mojo

    Welcome to Word Publishing Layout View

    In my previous post, the focus of attention was our new Office 2008 User Experience. For this post, I will turn the focus to another area that I am deeply passionate about --- Microsoft Word 2008. At MacBU, many of us have the great fortune to work on...
  • Mac Mojo

    Update on Office 2008 progress!

    Last Wednesday was our general “ZBB” target for the Office 2008 project, a major milestone on the road to release and something we’ve been pushing hard for over the past several months. We saw some fantastic surging by the development team to clear out...
  • Mac Mojo

    Toolbox and Window Management

    The Toolbox is a useful new collection of tools that was introduced in Office 2004. The primary concept was to prevent the possibility of many palettes being opened at once causing a window management problem for users. In general, it worked fairly well...
  • Mac Mojo

    The Chart is the Message

    Did you know that someone once wrote a book entitled How to Lie With Charts? It’s true; check it out . The book was a tongue-in-cheek welcome gift when I took over Excel program management. Truth be told, I haven’t read it. It could be quite good; the...
  • Mac Mojo

    Here's to the Crazy Ones

    As many of you know, MacBU celebrated our own 10 year anniversary earlier this year. As you may also be aware, we're also celebrating the 10 year anniversary of the Apple "Think Different" advertising campaign which debuted September 28, 1997....
  • Mac Mojo

    Microsoft at Apple Expo: It’s not all about Office!

    So, my last post was in French... If you are wondering here's what it was all about! One thing different about the Microsoft stand at Apple Expo is that it is not all about Office! We look at what the Mac community is interested in and organize some presentations...
  • Mac Mojo

    Microsoft à Apple Expo: Pas seulement à propos d’Office

    Ce que j’aime bien sur le stand de Microsoft à Apple Expo, c’est que ce n’est pas seulement à propos d’Office! Nous invitons différents intervenants pour montrer comment ils utilisent les différentes technologies de Microsoft ou encore pour discuter de...
  • Mac Mojo

    OfficeArt Unleashed

    You’ve been reading about our goal to make great looking documents easier in Office 2008, and this includes the document graphics you use to express ideas and emotions. The Art of Office is a reminder that picture formatting and drawing tools are well...
  • Mac Mojo

    “Velkommen, Tervetuloa, Velkommen” and “Bienvenue à Paris”

    So the cat is out of the bag! This morning, as the doors to Apple Expo opened, we officially announced the availability of Office 2008 worldwide from January 15 (dates will vary by markets). As part of the announcement, we also announced a new “Nordic...
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