March, 2009

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About Axum: Isolation, Agents, and Message-passing in .NET

Axum is an incubation technology on Microsoft's Parallel Computing Platformed designed to make parallel applications safer, more scalable, and easier to write.  It's a .NET language that builds upon the principles of isolation, agents, message-passing and data flow. 

  • Isolation, Agents, and Message-passing in .NET

    Same face, a new name

    You might’ve noticed that the title of our blog has changed as well as some mysterious disclaimers at the beginning of each of our blogs posts. Yes, it’s true, we’ve changed our name from ‘Maestro’ to codename ‘Axum’. Fret not! Axum is the same project...
  • Isolation, Agents, and Message-passing in .NET


    Disclaimer:  The Maestro project has been renamed.  While referred to in this article as ‘Maestro’, moving forward the project is referred to with codename ‘Axum’. Given a programming model such as Maestro, where components are strictly isolated...
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