Below are some known issues with the MIX drop.

Multiple "Add Service References" from VS Express 2010 IDE, causes the ClientConfig file generated to be overwritten.

  • Details:
    • The endpoints, bindings and client xml tags of the new service reference, overwrites the existing one.
  • Known Workarounds:
    • Manually copy over the older client config file and merge it with the new one. Both are xml files. OR
    • Use slsvcutil.exe with the /mergeConfig flag and replace the ClientConfig file manually to the project. You can still use IDE for the actual reference generation.

No "Add Service Reference" support in VS Pro 2010

  • Workarounds:
    • Use the VS Express 2010 version to generate the project references. The project can then be opened under the VS Pro 2010 version

Calling Assembly.Load(string) causes a crash in the native runtime

  • Workarounds:
    • Double check that the assembly name getting passed in has a valid name and public key token size

IsolatedStorageFileStream constructor throws IsolatedStorageException when Filemode.Append is passed and no FileAccess value is passed

  • Details:
    • IsolatedStorageFileStream isf1 = new IsolatedStorageFileStream("Myfile.txt", System.IO.FileMode.Append., store);
      throws IsolatedStorageException
  • Workarounds:
    • IsolatedStorageFileStream isf1 = new IsolatedStorageFileStream("Myfile.txt", System.IO.FileMode.Append,FileAccess.Write., store);

Accessing Non-English (international) services throws an exception at runtime

  • Workarounds: None

IsolatedStorageSettings doesnt save the settings on app exit

  • Workarounds:
    • You need to explicitly call an IsolatedStorageSettings.Save at the time of saving the settings (before application exit is triggered)

Using variant type generic parameters results in TypeLoadException

  • Details:
    • NetCF supports only C# 2.0 and 3.0 language features.  Variance in generic type parameters is added in C# 4.0 which is not supported by NetCF