December, 2004

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    FF vs IE debate - WOS (Wrath of Slashdot)

    Peter torr posted his experiences * Installing* (notice the bold on installing) firefox and got swamped with backlash comments from FF patrons. He then followed it up with a follow up post and I think both the posts are excellent. Gr8 posts Peter and...
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    MSN Desktop search beta - Usage update and my 2 cents

    I got more time to play with the desktop search are was about to post my views on it. There has been ton of blogging going on and more information related reviews and user experience can be found at msnsearch blog , scoble blog #1 and scoble blog # 2...
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    MSN Beta Desktop Search Revealed

    As most of the WWW now knows, Microsoft had announced it would release a Desktop Search tool. The beta of the Desktop search was revealed today which can be downloaded at . Have played around with it and the initial feeling...
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    HttpListener - User scenarios

    I have been interested in finding out from customers how they are using/plan to use the new HttpListener class in whidbey beta 1. Found this post here which prompted this post. Customer scenarios are a big consideration when new features are designed...
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