November, 2006

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Information on Microsoft Sync Framework.

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    WinFx: UseSynchronizationContext Usage

    One of the most common problems we debug with WCF proxies invoked from WinForm/XAML app's is a perceived hang when duplex contract's are involved. The app usually has a " click to invoke proxy " button that invokes a method (which will callback the client...
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    WCF Channels AutoOpen vs Open Semantics

    Wanted to write up a post on whats the difference between "auto" opening a WCF Channel and explicitly calling "Open" on it. Michael Maruchek posted a detailed and well explained post at
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    WinFx 3.0 has RTM'd

    Sometime last Friday, admist cheers and high fives, our lead PM resolved the last bug that stopped us from signing off on WCF(code named Indigo). Bug # 1 was opened way back when Indigo was in planning stages and with this bug we signed off on the product...
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    Photosynth preview. Wow

    First VirtualEarth 3D and now PhotoSynth .No words to describe it. Check it out for yourself (esp the 3D overview of Piazza San Pietro) . Maheshwar Jayaraman
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