March, 2008

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Information on Microsoft Sync Framework.

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    Step by Step Guide to Silverlight POX Proxy Sample.

    Technorati Tags: Silverlight , POX , XmlSerializer , JSON Scott Guthrie laid out all the details regarding Silverlight 2.0 Beta1 this morning and if you haven't had a chance to see the keynote then you can view it from VisitMix site. Scott briefly mentioned...
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    Mix 08 and Silverlight 2

    Mix 2008 is just hours away and I am very excited to talk about all the work we have been doing to get the beta of Silverlight 2 ready. Scott Guthrie already kicked off the information flow with 2 wonderful posts on Silverlight 2 and Blend . We have worked...
  • Mahjayar's WebLog.

    Silverlight 2.0 - Rundown of WebServices related functionality in Beta1

    Technorati Tags: Silverlight , WebServices Hope everyone had a chance to download and play with the Silverlight 2.0 Beta1 bits. I wanted to put up a quick post detailing the features we have shipped in this Beta. We have shipped total of 5 features split...
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