Organising WPF projects is a black art, and when I’m coding some WPF (stop laughing) then I definitely spend quite a lot of time thinking about folder structure and fiddling around with the project files. You could argue that that’s a delaying tactic for doing any coding, but I have a suspicion that it’s a common issue.

Fortunately Jaime Rodriguez is pulling together some guidelines and inviting further thought. Worth a look.

Whilst we’re on the subject of XAML and WPF, I was thinking about confusion between WPF/Silverlight and then Silverlight in Mesh and so on. As Beatriz said in a recent video, one of the exciting things about the UX stuff we have is “The WPF Continuum”: using XAML and C# (or your favourite .NET language) to reach client, web, cloud and devices. I think this is Really Important in thinking about the investment in skills in this area and the options that are available, but perhaps isn’t obvious at a first glance.

So, do you think it would make more sense if all of the technologies were actually called WPF (or XAML) but with an additional label? So:

  • WPF + Client (Current WPF)
  • WPF + Web (Silverlight)
  • WPF + Cloud (The Mesh stuff)
  • WPF + Device (Mobile, Surface etc.)

Hmm, I wonder. Or maybe they could all be <SOMETHING>Light like Silverlight, GreenLight, RedLight, Flashing Blue Light…