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  • Blog Post: #WP7 Christmas Shopping Planner from @mandogroup

    The gang at Mando Group have built this fun app and blogged about their experience of developing and then getting their app into the marketplace here. You can pick the app up here . I’d like some Zibits please.
  • Blog Post: Rebooting the Client Platform Blog

    It’s been a while, but it’s nice to see Tim Sneath’s blog spring back into life . “The Client Platform” is a big old topic to talk about but from the posts of the past couple of weeks it looks like HTML5 and IE9 are the current order of the day. Take a look and there are some nice videos covering some...
  • Blog Post: Hand-drawn Graphics Resources

    Loved these resources listed by Smashing Apps . Thought they might work really well with Sketchflow stuff .
  • Blog Post: The Power of Farming

    Great quote in this month's Edge Magazine on "Moment of the Decade" from Playfish CEO, Kristian Segerstrale : "I'll pick the launch of the Facebook platform. In little more than two years Facebook have created a game platform that has grown to more than 250 million monthly active players...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight helps to produce lump-free gravy

    At this time of year, my mind begins to wander towards "what to cook for Christmas lunch". (There is the small business of the birth of Holmes Baby 2.0 to contend with in the next couple of weeks too). Last year, the village lost it's electrical power around lunch time owing to overload from...
  • Blog Post: EyeOnEarth - Environmental Azure App

    Just when you think you've escaped the Unified Communications net (THEY CAN ALWAYS FIND YOU!) for five minutes to have a look at Facebook, up pops another buddy - Stu McCarthy - to tell me he's just finished work on . Seems like a bunch of MCS chums are involved so well done all. The official...
  • Blog Post: Creating Casual Games in Silverlight 3

    What an awesome set of 12 tutorials!
  • Blog Post: Silverlight RIA Services Site

    Brad Abrams recently put together an epic set of blog posts on RIA Services with Silverlight . Since then, it seems that he's been busy working on a microsite from the main Silverlight site focused on RIA Services . Nice work, and should be a handy hub for this material.
  • Blog Post: Silverlight Toolkit on Web Platform Installer

    Just noticed that the WebPI now has the Silverlight Toolkit as an install option (it's the October 2009 version). You can still get it from CodePlex too , but this is a handy option for removing that extra bit of friction.
  • Blog Post: Sky News streaming with Silverlight

    If you're a Sky subscriber, then you may already have been using the Sky Player service which is built using Silverlight and has been deployed for some time now. Well, you might be pleased to learn that Sky have been building on the success of that platform and have now begun using the Sky Player to...
  • Blog Post: A bunch of Expression/Silverlight Links

    I've got a bunch of 'ooh, that looks interesting' links in my reader from the past couple of months. So here they are: Expression Big list of example triggers, actions and behaviours for Blend 3 from Peter Blois An 'explode' behaviour (also from Peter) Loads of great Blend and Sketchflow stuff at Silverlight...
  • Blog Post: .net Magazine Expression Tutorials

    If you haven't dabbled in Expression then .net magazine is publishing some interesting tutorials and exploration of Expression and Silverlight capabilities. At the moment, there's a useful review of Expression Studio 3 and a tutorial on building network-aware desktop applications (or out-of-browser ...
  • Blog Post: Silver Arcade – Silverlight Casual Gaming Portal

    Great to see a gaming portal for Silverlight. Silver Arcade has just launched (there’s not all that much content yet so it’s got a way to go to compete with the likes of the mighty Miniclip !) and it’s great to see Silverlight pushing into the gaming space as well as video and LOB use.
  • Blog Post: Silverlight and Commodore 64

    I’ve mentioned we have a Commodore 64 in the office (it’s about the only machine that we can’t get Windows 7 to run on). Well, no need to be jealous of this particular artifact as you can now run a C64 emulator in Silverlight 3 . Terrific work is by Pete Brown which is well covered by Scott Hanselman...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight and MySpace

    Big news from Michael Scherotter that you can now build Silverlight applications for the MySpace Developer Platform . Full details here. Great news all round for Silverlight developers and also for MySpace as the legions of .NET developers can get to grips with developing for MySpace.
  • Blog Post: Physics Helper for Silverlight, Blend and Farseer

    Wow! Can’t believe I only just discovered this yesterday: a codeplex project for assisting with the creation of physics based objects . More info on Andy Beaulieu’s blog here and here . Top job!
  • Blog Post: Quake 3 in Silverlight

    French developer Julien Frelat has made a port of Quake from C/ASM to Silverlight 3. You can have a go of a demo (requires the SL3 beta) here. It’s not exactly playable – there’s more work to do – but it’s an interesting start and shows the rendering engine off to great effect. Apparently Julien explains...
  • Blog Post: Mix Day 1 Recap

    I had a bunch of stuff to do at the same time today – a variety of watching, listening, tweeting, responding, and editing for a recap event tomorrow. Sometimes 3 monitors is just not enough… There seemed to be so much awesome stuff to talk about. Here’s my attempt at a recap on stuff: SuperPreview –...
  • Blog Post: Mike Snow and Silverlight

    I’ve probably mentioned Mike Snow’s Blog before, but I’m allowed to mention it again! If you’re developing Silverlight then you really should be reading his stuff – it’s “Tip of the Day” style and they’re all worth reading: Yesterday, I was excited about this Sprite Creator from 3D Models (such as .X...
  • Blog Post: S+S and Mardi Gras

    From my Aussie buddy Greg Willis’ blog , there’s news of a DeepZoom-y/Azure-y solution bringing to life the Sydney Mardi Gras that he and Michael were involved in. My erstwhile colleague, Brighty, is Down Under working with Greg & Co, and I can certainly sense his involvement in this somewhere. You...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight Toolkit – December 2008

    Jeff Wilcox has the news on the latest release of the toolkit which includes a bunch of controls and themes. You can grab the toolkit from CodePlex .
  • Blog Post: Sky Player launches on Silverlight

    I see that Sky’s Sky Player (like iPlayer , but for Sky customers, geddit?) has launched on Silverlight for all of your favourite Sky-related content. As you’ll remember , ITV adopted Silverlight recently too and talked about that with Scottgu at ReMix this year. I love Silverlight so of course I’m pleased...
  • Blog Post: Creating a Silverlight Mesh-Enabled Application

    I’m hoping that Katrien was inspired by the PDC BBC iPlayer demo that we worked on here, as she created this great step-by-step guide to building a Silverlight Mesh-Enabled Application . I’d like to tell you that it was a smooth for us when we were building against the pre-release versions but you know...
  • Blog Post: Silverlight 3

    Talk about a teaser… The Gu says: “Silverlight 3 will include major media enhancements (including H.264 video support), major graphics improvements (including 3D support and GPU hardware acceleration), as well as major application development improvements (including richer data-binding support and additional...
  • Blog Post: Linerider in Silverlight

    Linerider has been moved to Silverlight . Very cool, and a nice integration with Messenger and the Contacts API. It’s a winner, casual gaming fans!
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