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  • Blog Post: Exercising Choice Control

    One of favourite Ad Men (I know…) is the redoubtable Rory Sutherland who I had the great fortune to see at Thinking Digital 2010 . He recently pointed at this excellent site which he described as an “experiment in Choice Architecture”. JustBuyThisOne is an aggregator of all the reviews on Reevoo the...
  • Blog Post: Editing the Complex

    There’s evangelism and there’s evangelism. Anyone can be an evangelist about any subject they’re passionate about. Go on, you should be an evangelist for something. You probably already are. If you work in a big organisation – like, say, Microsoft – it can get tricky because there is simply so much you...
  • Blog Post: Bad Luck to that well-known non-cricket related Twitter user

    Always worth checking that your Twitter handle isn’t suddenly going to become major cultural event. Just ask my mate Xavier Factor.
  • Blog Post: Magpie: Looxcie Wearable Camera

    Stevecla suggested that this Bloggie camera from Sony might be a good replacement for his Flip and sure, it’s pretty and all that, but I’d suggest that this delicious Looxcie is the way to go. It won’t be embarrassing for an evangelist on the move – no sir.
  • Blog Post: How To Become A Famous Blogger

    Forget all that social media mumbo jumbo that gets passed around these days. What you need is an excellent guide (via SmashingApps ) on How To Become A Famous Blogger.
  • Blog Post: Almost Getting It

    I just ordered an excellent new pair of Air Max 95 customised via the Nike Store . The customisation stuff is excellent (and not exclusive to Nike of course) and breathes new life into shopping for trainers (sneakers to my American friends). I’m a bit of a trainer aficionado but my lack of proximity...
  • Blog Post: #zombies or #aliens: a lap around The Archivist

    The Archivist has been around for a little while, but if you haven’t used it yet, then here’s a quick example of how it works. The Archivist is, essentially, a tool to provide rapid analysis of Twitter activity against a given search term. For example, against the hash tag #zombies. It overcomes a little...
  • Blog Post: The Power of Farming

    Great quote in this month's Edge Magazine on "Moment of the Decade" from Playfish CEO, Kristian Segerstrale : "I'll pick the launch of the Facebook platform. In little more than two years Facebook have created a game platform that has grown to more than 250 million monthly active players...
  • Blog Post: Andrew Sampson, Stephen Fry and Social Media

    Over on the MS Advertising site , my friend Mel Carson has a great interview with Andrew Sampson - who discusses social media and his part in the Stephen Fry phenomenon.  Interesting interview which covers: How Andrew was inspired to set Stephen up. How they identified a social media need. How to...
  • Blog Post: 10 Levels of Intimacy in Communication

    Nice! (via Clementine )
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