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  • Blog Post: That #IE9 Thing

    Did we launch something yesterday? Oh yes… that was it… the IE9 beta. It’s been an interesting time playing with the platform previews since IE9 was announced at MIX and it was great to get access to the browser chrome and development capabilities. You can grab it from here . Of course the team have...
  • Blog Post: Save pixels with is a nice, simple idea for adding placeholder images to your website. Like this. Excellent find via swissmiss.
  • Blog Post: #zombies or #aliens: a lap around The Archivist

    The Archivist has been around for a little while, but if you haven’t used it yet, then here’s a quick example of how it works. The Archivist is, essentially, a tool to provide rapid analysis of Twitter activity against a given search term. For example, against the hash tag #zombies. It overcomes a little...
  • Blog Post: Augmented Hyper Reality: Bonkers

    Good grief. I’m sure I Russell M. Davies wrote about this in Wired 2 months ago . Although the first comment on the video sums it up “Installing Ad Block in three, two, one…” it does make you think. Are we heading this way? Probably. On the other hand, maybe all of this has happened before. Given that...
  • Blog Post: Age of Empires Online

    I’ve no idea how to squeeze in play time these days (I’m struggling on the second bit of Lego Harry Potter …), which is a shame as there are so many great games available like Settlers of Catan on the XBox (I’ve always wanted to beat Martin Fowler at it …) or even on Surface . Last time I played Age...
  • Blog Post: Google chief: My fears for Generation Facebook

      I checked my calendar, but apparently it’s not April 1st, so I guess this article must be real . In it that popular defender of privacy, er, Eric Schmidt, CEO of Google talks of his worry about information casually being strewn around the internet by a generation of people don’t understand the...
  • Blog Post: Dolly Talks IE8

    Tremendous video from Dolly Parton (that's some website by the way) in which she talks about the virtues of IE8 and gives us a technical backgrounder in web slices. "Hell - I didn't even know there was a one through seven"
  • Blog Post: Silverlight Toolkit on Web Platform Installer

    Just noticed that the WebPI now has the Silverlight Toolkit as an install option (it's the October 2009 version). You can still get it from CodePlex too , but this is a handy option for removing that extra bit of friction.
  • Blog Post: Whitepaper: PHP on Windows

    Just saw this today - over at iBuildings , they've published a whitepaper on the options for installing and managing PHP on Windows. The paper can be found here and the TOC looks like: Executive Summary Introduction Where we came from Why Windows? Why PHP over .NET Web Server Choices Deploying and Managing...
  • Blog Post: WebsiteSpark Launches!

    This morning, @scottgu announced ( to interesting speculation ) the launch of WebsiteSpark - the latest in the portfolio of *Spark programs. All of these programs are aimed at providing access to platform and tools depending on your context. In this case it's about small professional web dev and design...
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