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  • Blog Post: WF Activity Execution Context Article

    Understanding the AEC is an important part of understanding how to work with WF. This article on MSDN does a great job of assisting that understanding. Technorati Tags: WF - MSDN
  • Blog Post: Why use Windows Workflow Foundation?

    Interesting question that I've heard asked on several occasions. Before we consider an answer, we need to understand why the question "Why use WF?" is being asked. My assertion on the answer to that lies in the organic growth of web applications since they became 'the way to do things' inside an organisation...
  • Blog Post: HTML Workflow Designer

    This is a very cool implementation of an AJAX-y version of the Workflow Design Surface. Take a look.
  • Blog Post: Workflow Foundation and Compute Cluster Server

    It's been a couple of months since I had a look at this, but I said I'd make some comment on some concept work with WF and CCS so here it is... You can see a video at the Microsoft site which was used as part of the launch for CCS (if you look really closely you can see me waving my hands about in...
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