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  • Blog Post: Magpie: Sony Vaio Z12V9E/X

    Ah yes – finally I have a new laptop. And it’s a peach. Thanks to LaptopsDirect for another great delivery and thanks to Sony for building it in the first place. It’s packing a Core i7 processor, 6GB RAM, 128GB SSD, stonking graphics and it’s tiny 13” screen has a 1600x900 resolution. Sweet. It also...
  • Blog Post: Rebooting the Client Platform Blog

    It’s been a while, but it’s nice to see Tim Sneath’s blog spring back into life . “The Client Platform” is a big old topic to talk about but from the posts of the past couple of weeks it looks like HTML5 and IE9 are the current order of the day. Take a look and there are some nice videos covering some...
  • Blog Post: More Media Center: Dual Hauppauge 4000 DVB-S2 Cards

    In the latest - and hopefully final - part of the Media Center saga, I've also pushed a second Hauppauge WinTV-HVR4000 card into the machine so I get the multi-channel recording from the satellite channels I can receive (a la Sky+). Phew - just in time for Sky Player to become available in Media Center...
  • Blog Post: My Reflections on Windows 7

    In what is going to be a busy day, I thought I'd reflect on 'the story so far' for my personal use of Windows 7 . Bear in mind that I've moved from Vista -> Win7. It's a looonnnnggg time since I used XP. Regardless of your thoughts on Vista, there were many things in that OS that represented huge...
  • Blog Post: Canon EOS 350D and Win7 x64

    I was trying to connect my aging EOS 350D to my laptop last night and found that there are no Win7 x64 drivers. D'Oh. If you've had similar struggles, then here's a handy tip to get things going . Worked a charm. Phew.
  • Blog Post: Exploring Win7 and WS2008 via sketching and SongSmith

    The talented combo of DeepFat and JamesOne have been exploring the features of Win7 and WS2008 via the medium of art, some YouTube annotations and then some slightly random videos. You can start here and then click through to the stuff you're interested in. The music is by SongSmith, which is a shame...
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