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  • Blog Post: Multi-Touch Surface with Physics Engine

    Fresh up on the YouTube Channel is this awesome piece of work from the guys in the Microsoft Technology Centre . I’ve talked about the value the MTC for a business before . This particular work was by Dave and Andy who are some of the smartest guys I know. I know they’re really smart because even Mike...
  • Blog Post: WPF Twitter Search Kiosk Thing

    Talking of great examples, MikeT had a crack at the Twistori thing that MikeO looked at but took a slightly different tack and employed WPF. He’s written the whole thing up as a 7-part (count ‘em) series. You can start here. Much as I love Silverlight, I’m a sucker for those WPF shader effects…
  • Blog Post: MicroQuest - A WPF GameWorld

    In the last post, I cobbled together something that was serviceable as a pathfinding routine, and was left with the beginnings of some structures - such as Location and Unit - that would be needed in MicroQuest. In this post, we'll look at building the beginning of the WPF application that will represent...
  • Blog Post: WPF and Physics

    Chris Cavanagh has posted some great code on using a physics engine with WPF. It's an interesting and elegant example demonstrating a few things: A series of objects making use the wrapped physics engine Chris has chosen. The use of data templates and binding to represent the objects on screen...
  • Blog Post: Kaxaml

    Robby has been good enough to put his turbo-charged XamlPad replacement on his site. You can get it here .
  • Blog Post: Using WPF inside Media Centre

    Typically, Media Centre applications are written in MCML (Can you guess - Media Centre Markup Language...) but it's good to know that you can in fact use WPF XBAP applications inside Media Centre too. The Media Centre SDK contains some instuctions on how to do this but for a real example, take a look...
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