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  • Blog Post: War of the Machines

    Now, I did previously mention that I was slightly concerned about the termination implications of the Kinect device. Well… news from the resistance and our very own John Connor – @markjo – is that we might be in trouble…
  • Blog Post: Kinect Interactive Art Installation

    Mass fun on the streets of Munich courtesty of XBox Germany. Very cool. I’m still working my way through Kinectimals with my daughter and trading blows with my wife in the boxing on Kinect Sports. Marvellous device.
  • Blog Post: Upgradez

    (Nicked this picture from Stevecla – looks like an advert for Cyberdyne Systems . I’m going to put a chain lock on the TV stand just in case..) I’m back at work tomorrow after a few days off recharging batteries/dumping the kids with the grandparents. This afternoon I managed to get a couple of hours...
  • Blog Post: Age of Empires Online

    I’ve no idea how to squeeze in play time these days (I’m struggling on the second bit of Lego Harry Potter …), which is a shame as there are so many great games available like Settlers of Catan on the XBox (I’ve always wanted to beat Martin Fowler at it …) or even on Surface . Last time I played Age...
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