Publishing Infopath 2007 documents in Browser

Publishing Infopath 2007 documents in Browser

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Infopath 2007 brings the new feature of rendering the infopath documents in the browser. However this feature can be slightly confusing for the beginners. When MOSS 2007 beta 2 was released I took me 2 days to find out how to render your own infopath document to browser.

The steps for this are below:

§ Complete the publishing wizard (using the SharePoint option) and publish the form to a shared location

§ Launch the SharePoint Central Admin page

§ Select Application Management

§ From the InfoPath Forms Services section select Manage Form Templates

§ Click Upload Form Template

§ Click the Browse button and navigate to the shared location where you published the form

§ Highlight the form and click Open

§ Click Upload

§ Assuming the template uploads successfully, you will be returned to the Manage Form Templates page. Click on the uploaded template and select Activate to a Site Collection

§ If the Site Collection box has the correct site, click OK. If not, click the site and you will be able to change to the correct site.

§ Once the activation has completed, you can now associate the form with a form/document library

§ Navigate to/Create a form or document library

§ From the Settings button, choose Form (Document) Library Settings

§ Select Advanced Settings

§ For “Allow Management of Content Types” choose Yes and click OK

§ You should now see a new section called Content Types – click “Add from existing site content types”

§ Drop down the box and choose Microsoft Office InfoPath

§ From the “Available Site Content Types”, highlight the form you activated, click Add and then click OKMail me your comments and suggestions.

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  • Thanks Madhur

    This is a very useful post, I also had a problem with a site feature, the following feature was disabled and i had to enable this to get the procedure you described working.

    "Office SharePoint Server Enterprise Site features -

    Features such as the business data catalog, forms services, and Excel Services, included in the Office SharePoint Server Enterprise License"

  • Glad it helped you ... :)

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