We released another CTP 6 last week, which is available for download here on MSDN

This is another major CTP release, and we strive towards final release(RTM'ing) at the end of this year. This CTP contains lots and lots of customer requested fixes that were logged via http://connect and through our Database Professional forum.

 Here is a very high level list of isses resolved in this CTP

  • Full SQL Server 2000 & 2005 object support
  • Extended Properties Support
  • Inline constraint support
  • Pre and Post script deployment population during Import Script
  • Team Build Support
  • Import Schema Wizard ( also integrated with the New Project Wizard )
  • The ability to synchronize your project from a database ( selective import essentially, based on differences. We heard your feedback! )
  • Refactoring is allowed in files that are in a warning state
  • Overall stability and performance
  • Fixed many customer reported problems
  • Support for 3 and 4 part name resolution when referenced database is present on design instance
  • No longer install SQL Express ( you'll notice the download is a LOT smaller! ). You can pick your own SQL Server 2005 Developer Edition or SQL Server 2005 Enterprise Edition instance on the local box
  • Display detailed Schema Object properties in the property window for selected objects in the Schema View
  • Separation of user target database settings through the user project file