In order to increase developers productivity for creating schema objects traditionally in Visual Studio or SQL Server, you were able to leverage the Table Designer, Check Constraint, Foreign Key, Full Text Index, XML index, index editors and view designer.

Now that V1 is out the door, we're potentially looking into providing some object level designers support to help increase your productively when designing your table or view or stored procedure, trigger etc.

Let us know your feedback for how you would like to design these schema objects in a single object mode

- Tables

- Foreign Keys

- Full Text Index

- XML Index

- Index

- Primary Key

- Views

- Stored Procedure, Triggers, Functions(all variations) (do you even need a designer?)


What's good about the current Table/View designer in Visual Studio /SQL Server? What's bad, what do you need from a table or view designer to make designing tables and views more productive for you


Any feedback would be greatly appreciated:-)