Thus far, we've discussed database migration and the value & power of SQL Server 2005. In future blogs, we'll chat about consolidating data center environments to the Microsoft standard stack (Windows, SQL, .NET) and upgrading from SQL Server 2000.

But today, let's touch on one of the most exciting aspects of the SQL Server 2005 product: business intelligence. No other database environment product on the market today can compare with the value and power of getting this entire end-to-end stack in one box!

So if you are a telecommunications service provider and are experiencing continued revenue leakage due to billing system inaccuracies, churn issues or non-profitable customer accounts, then the DBCF business intelligence solution may be the answer.

The Microsoft BI stack is based on SQL Server, Proclarity, SSAS, SSIS, SSRS, Excel services and Business Scorecard Manager. All of those tools are used within DBCF BI solutions and currently are configured to address revenue assurance needs out of the box.

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