Getting back to the core foundation of DBCF solutions, we'll take the database schema and data migration up to the presentation layer of systems which require migration to SQL Server.

There are many reporting tools on the market and Crystal Reports, Business Objects, Hyperion, etc. can all interop perfectly well on SQL Server. Following the migration of your database to SQL Server from, say, Oracle, you would need to swap-out your database driver to a SQL Server database driver and then modify table, view or field names that may have changed during the migration. Keep in mind that the Microsoft free download product named SQL Server Migration Assitant (SSMA) will do a fantastic job of keeping your database objects named the same from source database (Oracle, Sybase or Access) to new target SQL Server database.

But on the front-end of your system, if you are ready to move to the .NET world, leverage the easy and quick deplyoment abilities found in the SQL Server Report Services, which comes with the SQL Server database software, there are roadmaps, partners and tools to assist you in migrating your existing reports from Crystal .rpt files to SQL Server's RDL XML-based reports.

Here is a list of report tool converter software options:

And here is a list of report conversion partners that can help you with your migration to SQL Server Reporting Services from existing Crystal Reports: