It's Friday and I wanted to put a few words of wisdom into the DBCF blog to end the week. Whether you are in the middle of or thinking about a database migration to SQL Server, or are looking to leverage pieces of the SQL Server ecosystem like SSAS or SSRS, or maybe you like the Microsoft BI tools like ProClarity or BSM, just think of how great life is creating solutions on this platform!

Why do I say that? Well, because that's what the DBCF team does! And it's Friday, so I'm in a jolly mood! No doubt that migrating critical applications in your data center is an undertaking that takes time, money, resources, aspirin and close scrutiny. Microsoft understands that and speaking with us about those issues and how to make the conversion work for you can also lead you to a happy, prosperous weekend!

Creating a functioning, value-added, business-critical BI application has its own challenges. The DBCF offerings that are being trialed right now solve business problems and give you the 80% complete out-of-the-box functionality that you need to start solving complex business problems now!

If you have an Oracle database now, I suggest to download SQL Server from today. Also download the SSMA migration tool for Oracle. Put your database into SQL and then play around with SQL Server Analysis Services. You can use the cube wizard to begin building business intelligence and browse your data with ProClarity.

Have fun and come back and see us with the results and advice!