Friday was my final appearance with the joint HP / Microsoft roadshow showcasing SQL Server 2005 running on HP Integrity hardware and focused on customers migrating from SQL Server 2000 or competitive database platforms.

Here are a few notes of interest that I felt would be good for the blog-o-shpere in the hopes of providing insight, chuckles, or reference data for those of you interested in SQL Server 2005 and migrating to the SQL Server database platform:

1. Customers familiar with BI and data warehousing on SQL Server 2000 *LOVE* the improvements in SQL Server 2005 which include the new SSIS (replacing DTS), proactive caching in SSAS and table partitioning for ETL.

2. Those same customers expressed their pain when trying to *migrate* from DTS to SSIS. There were a few success stories around housing SQL Server 2000 DTS packages inside a DTS 2000 task in SSIS. But generally, the feeling is that rewritting ETL in SSIS is the best path, albeit not the quickest. Contact and we'll point you to some partners and Microsoft resources to help you with those efforts.

3. Nearly everyone was in agreement to move to SQL Server 2005 64-bit. The expanded memory and direct addressing available beyond 32-bit SQL Server is well worth the investment. Memory management has been improved in 2005 over SQL 2000 and 64-bit is even better at it.

Please check the SQL Server home page: and look for other events in your area for SQL Server. We are always hosting events, webcasts and roadshows to showcase SQL Server 2005.