As we wrap-up our first ever BI conference at Microsoft here at the Washington State Convention Center, I just wanted to take a few minutes to type in a few blog notes.

Our team was here representing the Microsoft Services Industry Solutions Group (ISG). Hopefully, if you were here in Seattle this week, that you had the time to stop by our booth in the Microsoft pavillion. Here we demonstrated the Enterprise Cube solution framework based on the Microsoft BI stack. This an enabling technology for you to adopt BI solutions in your enterprise in a quick manner (4-5 months) that fits a specific business need (Churn Management, Customer Profit Analysis, etc.) and is based on the industry-leading TCO toolset for BI solutions.

The sessions and keynotes during the conference hopefully portrayed the Microsoft vision accurately for you regarding our message of BI for Everyone, Pervasive BI in the enterprise and our solutions and tools for Business Performance Management, such as PerformancePoint Server and our group's framework, Enterprise Cube, for solving industry-specific business problems.

If you have interest in industry-specific pre-built solutions based on industry standards and common practices, please contact the product group here in Redmond, WA for further information about demos which we have ready and showed here this work, or to set-up a proof of concept for you. Our email address is

Thanks and I hope to see you all back here next year!