In the Microsoft Industry Solutions Group, we are developing pre-built BI solutions for vertical business needs. Each of these solutions solve specific problems within a vertical business such as Churn Management for Telcos, patient segmentation for healthcare, and customer profitability for retail businesses.

Prebuilt BI solutions in this context represent a package of the Microsoft BI products (SQL Server & OBA product line) with the specific required set of ETL packages, database connectors, data models, cubes, KPIs, scorecards, reports and dashboard. The idea here is to get your business running in a production environment with a specific pain point solution based on Microsoft BI quickly without the need for months of analysis, architecting and building the building-blocks needed to accomplish the feat of turning your mass amounts of data into knowledge for customer segmentation, churn analysis, profitability analysis, etc.

There would be no need to hire data modelers, DBAs, developers, business analysts and project managers for a 12-16 month project to figure out not only how to make this all happen in business intellegence tools. But also to figure out what exactly it is that you need in regards to data models, data extraction, cubes and analytics in order to track, measure and forecast your business performance.

The old adage of one size does not fit all certainly pertains to an off-the-shelf BI solution such as this. But if 70% of the lengthy, expensive and complex job of building and implementing a pure BI or BPM solution is already completed for you, then the BI solution has been a wise investment.

And in the case of these Microsoft BI solutions I spoke of here, they include analytics and workflows built in PerformancePoint and SQL Server that are based on industry standards and best practices from some of the top industry consultants and standards forums for each industry such as TMF and ARTS.