Welcome back, lovers of business intelligence and solutions for business optimization!!

Today, I thought I would touch on the topic of driving business performance and optimizing processes and keeping your employees focused on your key business metrics.

In the world of BI, there are many terms that relate to measuring your business performance: KPIs, metrics, measures and so on. What I want to do here is to use our Microsoft Services business solution framework MEC to show a very interesting way that I have seen customers being successful at this.

The first thing you need to do is to decide which top 5 organization, strategic metrics do you need to have your employees have visibility to at all times. That can be tricky because you may have a large bucket of metrics and KPIs but they need to be categorized into strategic, operations and tactical. With a Microsoft BI projet such as MEC, we can provide you with a rich set of KPIs for your business that meet those categories and are appropriate for different parts of your organization.

So now you can decide which 5 need to be visible to groups such as marketing, sales, HR, operations, etc. At Microsoft, and in MEC in particular, we use Sharepoint as a centralized BI portal such as in this dashboard example:

 MEC Dashboard

 Below those Virtual Earth and Silverlight controls live Microsoft PerformancePoint analyst dashboards and all of this is surfaced via MDX out of a SQL Server Analysis Services cube.

But if you take a look at the top part of the portal, you will see a scrolling Silverlight control that mimics a stock ticker which I have highlighted here in a red outlined circle: 

kpi ticker

 What you achieve with this approach is that every time your employees log into their portals every day, they see the top business metrics that they need to be aware of to drive those business activites to their optimal level. You can see the current measure as well as what the trend looks like.

The objectives we are putting forth here is to give visibilty to all of your employees to coallesce around driving the overall business strategy through business performance management.