OK, folks, BI & DBCF fans, one last 2008 post ... Here are 5 things that I intend to focus on in 2009 as part of my new year's resolution around database, BI & migration projects. Happy New Year & may 2009 be a better one!

[ in no particular order ] 

1. MDM (Master Data Management) I have at least 3 initiatives queued up for 2009 that will entail various tools and data sets that require MDM hubs and efforts: product data, customer data and project data. I promise to blog about my findings. This one is going to be very interesting.

2. More pervasive BI. This is a very important aspect to BI as a valuable mechanism added natively to applications and something that is key to MEC which I speak of in this blog. I fully believe in BI as a key integral part of business applications and solutions and am very focused on this in 2009.

3. Continue to put forth the business value and viability of pre-built data models, analytics and scorecards around particular common business problems in vertical industries including retail, manufacturing and healthcare. Particularly in harsh economic times, businesses can not afford to experiment and try to figure these complex solutions out without a baseline set of existing solution parameters specific to their business models.

4. ETL that is auto-healing, auto-detecting, metadata based and easily modified. Much of this will be custom built and I will try to get some examples in here in 2009.

5. More interactive exciting data visualizations to make BI and dashboards pop with interesting ways to view and interact with business data.