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About DBCF (and BIDIS, too!)

DBCF is the blog for the Microsoft BI and database solutions group for industry vertical solutions. We are a solutions team in Microsoft Services known as ISG, which is a group of technology and business professionals who are passionate about database, data warehouse and business intelligence technologies that solve true business problems. The primary blogger is Mark Kromer, senior product manager for BI solutions.

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    Data Warehouse vs. Data Mart

    In the world of data warehouse and business intelligence terminology, there is quite a bit of ambiguity. When our group produces BI and business performance management solutions based on the complete Microsoft BI stack, we like to stick with solve particular...
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    Database Migration Roadshow

    Friday was my final appearance with the joint HP / Microsoft roadshow showcasing SQL Server 2005 running on HP Integrity hardware and focused on customers migrating from SQL Server 2000 or competitive database platforms. Here are a few notes of interest...
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    Data Center Migrations with DBCF - More than just databases

    We've been talking quite a bit about database & application migrations, as well as interoperability with exiting infrastructure, applications and reporting tools with SQL Server. I suppose I should also mention that this blog contains a bit of information...
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    Happy weekend and happy databases!

    It's Friday and I wanted to put a few words of wisdom into the DBCF blog to end the week. Whether you are in the middle of or thinking about a database migration to SQL Server, or are looking to leverage pieces of the SQL Server ecosystem like SSAS or...
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    From Crystal to SQL Reports

    Getting back to the core foundation of DBCF solutions, we'll take the database schema and data migration up to the presentation layer of systems which require migration to SQL Server. There are many reporting tools on the market and Crystal Reports...
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    Business Intelligence with DBCF

    Thus far, we've discussed database migration and the value & power of SQL Server 2005. In future blogs, we'll chat about consolidating data center environments to the Microsoft standard stack (Windows, SQL, .NET) and upgrading from SQL Server 2000...
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    DBCF Migration Tools

    Ok, so you're ready to jump into the wide, wonderful world of SQL Server 2005 where the sky is bluer than in the Oracle universe, not to mention less expensive! And the temperature is much warmer than in the chill of the DB2 cold, blue icy universe and...
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    DBCF? What is DBCF?

    DBCF is the Database Consolidation Framework that is a combination of a number of solution frameworks for businesses in the communications sector that would like to leverage the power and operational cost savings of Microsoft's SQL Server 2005. The...
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