SQL Server Best Practices Analyzer - Webcast - Resources

SQL Server Best Practices Analyzer - Webcast - Resources

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Resources for today's webcast.





Upgrade Advisor Tool:



TechNet Webcast: Upgrade and Migration: Planning Considerations for SQL Server 2005 (Level 300)

Presenters: Michael Raheem and Euan Garden



Self-help resources from Microsoft:





Paul A. Mestemaker II

Program Manager

Microsoft SQL Server

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  • Is there an online resource or list of the rules that are used in the Best Practices Analyzer (kind of like the rule pages for FxCop)?

    Would be nice to have a list of the rules being implemented even if the tool is not out yet, that way we can still follow best practices even if the tool is not out yet.
  • Recently Microsoft has release the much awaited SP2 for SQL Server 2005. Guys go and grab it – it has

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