SQL Server 2005 Performance Dashboard Reports -- Now Available!

SQL Server 2005 Performance Dashboard Reports -- Now Available!

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Have you ever noticed one of your SQL Server instances running unusually slowly?

Have you had difficulty quickly identifying what areas could be affecting its performance?

One of our customer support Escalation Engineers, Keith Elmore, specializes in understanding these types of problems.  He has worked with customers all over the world on diagnosing their toughest and most critical performance bottlenecks.  Keith has put together a set of Reporting Services reports that will help DBAs diagnose potential performance problems.  These reports were designed to leverage the new Custom Reports functionality in SQL Server Management Studio (Service Pack 2).

The SQL Server 2005 Performance Dashboard Reports only use Dynamic Management Views and Catalog Views.  They do not poll performance counters from the OS, nor do they store a history of your server's performance over time.  These are very light-weight reports that will help diagnose performance problems as they are occurring.

I encourage you to check them out.  Feel free to comment here with your thoughts and questions.

SQL Server 2005 Performance Dashboard Reports:

Paul A. Mestemaker II
Program Manager
Microsoft SQL Server Manageability

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  • Keith Elmore, an escalation engineer at Microsoft, has created a "Performance Dashboard" for SQL Server...

  • Excellent job .. it's very useful for look where is the problem.  One feature that i suggest is if you can indicate the T-SQL that have table scans or index scans in a dashboards, its a good information when have performance problems.

  • Great report

    I wish MS releases more of these for free

    I like the "Missing Index" best thus far

    but the word "Dashboard" just turns me on :P

    or Business Scorecard

  • This is awesome stuff!!!

  • I'm getting an error message when i try and open the reports now because of the line:

    convert(bigint, datediff(ms, login_time, getdate()))

    inside usp_Main_GetSessionInfo.

    The difference between login_time and getdate() is more than 24 days so the datediff fails.... i get the following message:

    Difference of two datetime columns caused overflow at runtime.


  • The dashboard was working splendid until this morning with the following error:

    Difference of two datetime columns caused overflow at runtime.

    Have reloaded the msi package (local server/client) and deleted sp's/functions and re-ran setup.sql script on remote server with the same results.

    Any suggestions appreciated..

  • Because DATEDIFF returns and int once you have connection that is more than 24 days or so old it will overflow the dattype if you modify the procedure so caluclates the differnce in minutes first converts this to milliseconds then add the number of minutes diffrence onto the start time and then calculate the remianing number of milli seconds it will work so basicalyy if you modify trhe offending line

    sum(convert(bigint, datediff(ms, login_time, getdate()))) - sum(convert(bigint, s.total_elapsed_time)) as idle_connection_time,


    sum(convert(bigint, CAST ( DATEDIFF ( minute, login_time, getdate()) AS

       BIGINT)*60000 + DATEDIFF ( millisecond, DATEADD ( minute,

       DATEDIFF ( minute, login_time, getdate() ), login_time ),getdate() ))) - sum(convert(bigint, s.total_elapsed_time)) as idle_connection_time,

    then it will work

    hopes this helps the rest of you who have the same problem.

  • マイクロソフト星川です。 先日 SQL Server 2005 Performance Dashboard Reports と呼ばれる新しいツールをリリースしました。 http://www.microsoft.com/downloads/details.aspx?FamilyId=1D3A4A0D-7E0C-4730-8204-E419218C1EFC&displaylang=en

  • I have run the setup.sql script and then the performance_dashboard_main.rdl.

    I am getting errors when I try to run most the reports.

    Errors are:

    --"The 'version_string' jparameter is missing a value"

    --"The "Report parameter 'sql_handle' was not found"

    --"Report parameter 'include_system_processes' was not found"

    Any help available on this?

  • David;

    thanks for the fix.  very helpful!


  • Did i do it thr right way....!!!!!????? serever management......?????

  • I am getting "The 'version_string' parameter is missing a value" when running the database_overview.rdl

    Does anyone have a fix for this problem?  H-E-L-P!!

  • Thanks. Good work.


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