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April, 2007

  • SQL Server Manageability Team Blog

    How do you like to learn? *or* SQL Server Agent Proxy Accounts

    One of my favorite parts of my job as a Program Manager is evangelizing our products. I love teaching people how to be more effective by introducing them to new features or tying many existing features together in an end-to-end scenario. I like to learn about technology and I'd imagine that the majority of my readers are also technology enthusiasts by profession. The problem I have now is that I do not have enough time in the day to learn about everything that could be cool and figure out how it could be useful. I recently watched a video by Brian Knight from JumpStart TV on SQL Server Agent Proxy Accounts. I thought it was a great way to quickly learn about one piece of SQL Server Agent without reading lots of documentation. To reach the broadest audience most effectively, I'm considering putting together short videos like the folks at JumpStart TV to give you an overview of how to use our features. My questions to you are......
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