By way of introduction, my name is Tyler Bryson and I am the US General Manager of the Manufacturing and Resources Sector.  I have responsibility for Microsoft's sales, solution, and partner strategy for serving enterprise manufacturing customers in the US.  The most common response I receive from customers when I introduce myself and the role I play at Microsoft is "I didnt know that Microsoft was focused in manufacturing?"  I've determined that the answer to this question that manufacturing matters to Microsoft may be the industry's best kept secret or at very least a story that despartely needs to be told. 

In my role I have the privilege of meeting with dozens of our top manufacturing customers and their senior executives each year.  In these meetings, I am constantly amazed at the business and product innovations being delivered to the marketplace every day by our customers.  Many times these customers share back to me a common thread of some critical Microsoft technology helped to design, manufacture, sell or service their product in the marketplace.  Whether the customer is using our Windows embedded operating system in their factory automation initiative or using our latest Silverlight technology to create amazing new customer experiences on the web, there is a tremendous breadth and depth to our impact in manufacturing.

I've created this blog as a vehicle to connect you to these innovations and ideas from across Microsoft in Manufacturing.  I will share the good and the bad, but always in the spirit of learning, improving and becoming a better supplier to the manufacturing industry.  Wherever possible I'll do this through the voice of our customer and try to keep it focused around what's really possible today, and where we are going tomorrow.  I invite you to subscribe to this blog and share your insights, feedback and questions.  I will post new entries at least once per week, but also in "real time" too as new developments and trends hit the wire.  Manufacturing matters to Microsoft!  I look forward to writing and sharing this story with you.    

 Tyler Bryson
GM US Manufacturing