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I am out of Microsoft Now. The connection can be reached by

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    Building Your Linked Notes support for OneNote 2010

    Building Your Linked Notes support for OneNote 2010 Introduction Taking linked notes in Microsoft OneNote 2010 Beta makes it easy to do research on your computer by letting you take notes in a docked OneNote window on your desktop while you work...
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    The Chrome Linked Notes support will come out soon here

    Updated to support latest Chrome 5.0.375.70. -------------------------------------------- I need to write a protocol handler to handle URL as"chrome://" Also the Firefox has the same issue. But all other function works. To...
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    Linked Notes Taking in OneNote 2010

    OneNote 2010 will come out this year as new core application in Microsoft Office suite. My team contributes Linked Notes feature individually, which helps people to create 2-way links between notes and original document/web page. Introduction to OneNote...
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    Here am I.

    It's a new beginning to writing my thoughts/ideas on MSDN Blog. Wish this will help you.
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