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October, 2006

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    Free "Visual Studio .NET Tips and Tricks" ebook

    You can download for free the electronic version of the book "Visual Studio .NET Tips and Tricks" by Minh T. Nguyen published by InfoQ. It is a nice book covering the Visual Studio .NET 2002, 2003, and 2005 Beta 1 releases.
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    Free online/offline training on WinFX dev technologies from Microsoft Learning

    Free training on WinFX 3.0 development technologies (i.e. WCF, WF and WPF) at Microsoft Learning: Clinic 5137: Introduction to Developing with Windows® Communication Foundation and Visual Studio® 2005 Clinic 5136: Introduction to Developing with Windows...
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    Download the C# 2.0 Language Specification

    You can freely download a PDF version (2.49 MB) of the C# v2.0 Language Specification from the ECMA website . An Office Word document covering only the new features made available with C# 2.0 (generics, anonymous methods, iterators, partial types and...
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    Source code search engines

    Tied to my previous post, I recently noticed that there is a fast growing number of search engines dedicated to searching source code listings. Here is a, probably, incomplete list of them: Codase CodeFetch CodeHound Google Code Search ...
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    Seach source code from O'reilly

    A nice initiative from O'reilly allows anyone to search for source code samples inside over 700 O'reilly books:
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