We all know how cool Virtual Earth is and the integration MSN Local Search has made it more than just a mapping site - it's Windows Live Local for crying out loud! But, this effort was aided from the MSN Local Search team who was using MapPoint Web Service maps to display results on a map. They've now changed over to using VE maps for their results which is just sweet. So, go to http://search.msn.com/local/ and try it out. Here's a sample of some of my favorite places to hang out: http://search.msn.com/local/results.aspx?q=beach+bar&w=San+Diego%2C+CA&near=Near+San+Diego%2C+CA&lat=32.715600&lon=-117.162300&display=San+Diego%2C+CA&FORM=QBXR

You don't get the "refreshed results as you pan" feature, but that's because this is text-based searching and not map-based searching. You can still switch between aerial and road imagery; and, double click to zoom and grab-and-pan features are there too. Regardless, it's a nice enhancement. Hopefully soon everyone will have this type of mapping experience on their site.