May, 2011

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Hello my reader! 
I'm Technical Account Manager for Development (aka Application Development Consultant) at Microsoft working with Enterprise Companies like Banks, Industry and Telco or ISV. High percentage of my time, around 65% is accountable for:
- delivering proactive services like development advisories,
- writing code reviews about performance, security, or maintenance
- creating proof of concepts
- giving sessions mainly about Architecture in .NET, Silverlight, ASP.NET, Javascript, Ajax and Entity Framework.
The other percentage of my time is used to manage reactive services like escalate issues, manage critical situations where the stakes are high, paticipate on pre-sales opportunities, or study strategies with clients to improve their business.
Besides, it is usual see me given presentations in open forums, and I have passion to pick up new technologies and stay on the cutting edge of development.
I hope I can help you with my 2 cents, this blog.
I wish you 0 errors code.
Miguel Angel Ramos Barroso


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