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  • Blog Post: Windows Azure Storage Emulator returning 503 - Service Unavailable

    Today's post is the result of about four hours of tracking down a tricky problem, so hopefully this will help others. My problem began when I was testing an Azure project with the storage emulator . The code that was supposed to work with the blob service would fail any request with a "503 - Service...
  • Blog Post: Must-have resource for Azure developers

    Lately I've been looking into writing Azure applications. I already know the .NET platform, so it's a very familiar development experience for me: all the libraries I know and love are there. There are two aspects however that are new to me. The first is how to build systems that can scale up...
  • Blog Post: Failing Fast and Windows Azure

    Last week we were talking in a team meeting about how cool it is that we can fail fast with datajs. The library is by design very focused and avoids entangling itself with multiple components and dependencies, and so we have the ability to experiment with the codebase and try things out. This gives...
  • Blog Post: New SQL Azure website

    In case you missed it, last week a new SQL Azure website went up at . Some of the new content includes a page with SQL Azure videos and a Community page to keep you up-to-date on what's happening. Enjoy!
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