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  • Blog Post: Optimizing ASP.NET MVC view lookup performance

    Earlier today Sam Saffron from the StackExchange team blogged about the performance of view lookups in MVC . Specifically, he compared referencing a view by name (i.e. calling something like @Html.Partial("_ProductInfo") ) and by path ( @Html.Partial("~/Views/Shared/_ProductInfo.cshtml") ). His results...
  • Blog Post: ASP.NET MVC Performance Tips

    Database access is usually the largest performance bottleneck of web applications. But once you’ve optimized and cached your database queries as much as possible here are 3 quick tips that might help you squeeze out a few more requests out of your ASP.NET MVC applications and web servers. Depending...
  • Blog Post: ASP.NET MVC 3 Performance – on par with MVC 2

    Now that the final version of MVC 3 has been released I think information about the performance characteristics of this latest installment would be very useful for those weighing the pros and cons of updating their MVC 2 applications. In this post I will talk about what you might expect when moving to...
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