People who know me would probably agree that I am hardly a stooge for marketing. And although I am in general very proud to work for Microsoft, there are definitely things about Microsoft that I’m ashamed of. But one thing that I’ve been especially impressed by recently has been the quality of search results that I’ve been getting back from MSN Search.

I’ve been trying to do all my searches over the past few months using both Google and MSN. Keeping in mind that search engine relevancy is highly subjective and a very personal thing, here is a summary of my impressions. A few months ago when Microsoft launched its MSN Search ad campaign just about every search that I did was better on Google. Over the months, MSN has been getting better and better, but something happened recently and now many of my searches are actually getting better results on MSN than on Google.

Some examples of searches from recent memory where MSN did better:

"Seattle Traffic" (Google) (MSN)
"Football Scores" (Google) (MSN)
"Google Headquarters" (Google) (MSN) -- this is a very funny example from the Microsoft Company Meeting.

Unfortunately, the following search yields much better results on Google than MSN:

"Marc Miller" (Google) (MSN)