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Perspectives on the .NET platform, the Manufacturing Industry, and Competitive Rowing from an East Coast Microsoft guy.

Welcome to the NETNew Weblog!

Welcome to the NETNew Weblog!

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This is a new blog intended to aggregate announcements and links about new .NET platform content that is publicly available to Microsoft, customer, and partner communities.  I have found that it is very hard to put together a comprehensive list of major new content releases on a monthly basis, even for someone who works in Redmond!  So it must be impossible for our field personnel and partners to locate information that would be useful to them or their customers.

The focus of this blog will be on the following subject areas:  .NET Plartform, service-oriented architecture, Connected Systems, web services interoperability, mainframe interop and migration, business process management and integration, and smart client/mobility. 

I appreciate feedback from field personnel, partners, and customers as to whether this is a userful exercise, and whether a blog is a good way to publish this information broadly.


Marc Monplaisir

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