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Slightly off-topic, but, then again, maybe not...

Slightly off-topic, but, then again, maybe not...

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The beauty of writing about platform topics and broad categories such as interoperability and service-oriented architecture is that you can make almost anything relevant.  At first I hesitated about this post, then I thought through a way to make it relevant and hopefully useful to subscribers.

Microsoft has talked a lot recently about the subject of Connected Systems.  One of the most important parts of this concept is that most people agree that service-oriented composite apps are generally a good "utopia" for architecture moving forward.  However much of the time we talk about back-end systems and the end user is relegated to a box labeled "human-based workflow" or some other semi-disconnected limbo state.  Connected Systems means that the right data flows up through the stack to the right end user at the right time, allowing that person to make judgments, provide oversight back down the stack to semi-automated business processes, and be more productive in their job due to "friendlier" interactions with technology.  Hence the emphasis on smart clients and mobile apps as the "last mile" in composite apps, and the one that will actually make composite apps demonstrably valuable to non-IT professionals as the end-user beneficiaries of service-oriented architectures.

Which brings me to my phone.  I recently upgraded to the new Audiovox SMT 5600 (a.k.a. HTC Typhoon) Smartphone.  I just have to say that this phone ROCKS - tiny, sizzling performance, rock-solid in terms of both hardware and software (Windows Mobile 2003).  Having upgraded from an HTC Tanager with an interim build of WM2003, it's night and day.  I haven't tried the Motorola MPx220 so I can't compare, but this one's hard to beat.

So why is this rant relevant to readers of this blog?  Because mobility and smart clients are part of my charter around exposing new platform content.  So here's a few new items of interest:


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