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Post your ErgTracks!

Post your ErgTracks!

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As we approach the end of winter training season and CRASH-Bs, I thought it would be cool to post favorite SOUNDTRACKS that you use to motivate yourself for boring, painful ERG workouts.  Hence the name "ErgTracks".  It will also be interesting to see how quickly this idea percolates through the rowing blog community.  So here goes:

1.  Pick a combination of songs that a) you like, b) match pretty well to the time you are trying to hit on your erg piece, and c) match your race plan in terms of tempo/intensity variations.

2.  Post your ErgTracks either as text or as a playlist (Windows Media, iPod, whatever).

3.  Tag your post with the "ErgTracks" tag.  There are a couple of ways to do this: either create a category on your blog called "ErgTracks", or add a tag to the post itself.  For example, you can add a Technorati tag by adding the following line to your post's HTML:

<a href="" rel="tag">ErgTracks</a>

...then you can go to the link referenced above to see all the posts from anybody's blog tagged as "ErgTracks".

4.  No judgemental comments allowed!  Everybody's taste in music is different, everybody's abilities on the erg are different, and everybody needs some extra positive reinforcement to get through the last couple weeks of erg season, so let's be supportive !

I'll be posting my first ErgTrack shortly....


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