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Maybe not brrreeeport, more like the "brrrr report"

Maybe not brrreeeport, more like the "brrrr report"

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Went to put the docks back in at Nereid Boat Club on Saturday - was fine for a while, but all of a sudden the wind reversed direction, the temperature dropped about 20 dgrees, and snow started blowing horizontally.  That was the end of the dock installation - everyone fled back to the boathouse for coffee and breakfast.   Brrrr - we are in the middle the coldest week so far this winter in the NY/NJ area, after getting lulled into a false sense of spring.  Plus now I'm sick, so instead of getting back on the water I'm stuck in the house.   Nothing worse than having a bright sunny day, docks are in, but the boat is still sitting derigged on the rack.  Bummer. 



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