I've looked forward to this session at the Marriott Marquis in Times Square.  The focus is on power generation, distribution, and process industries, with speakers from Con Edison, Rock Tenn, and Mohawk.  Our own Brian Willson will be speaking later this afternoon on how Sharepoint is being used to connect the real-time data in the OSISoft Pi system to executives who need the "morning reports" and KPIs, and how Microsoft is using the Pi system for energy and performance management in our data centers.  OSISoft is a great partner in the process industries and I'm impressed by the customer base they've been able to draw, which in NYC is a tough thing to do.

Topics on the agenda:

  • The new market of corporate data centers - massive facilities that rival large plants in terms of monitoring points and energy consumption (20-60 MW).  How to incorporate server management, virtualization, and building/facilities management systems to maximize energy efficiency.
  • Microgrids - applying power measurements and knowledge to manufacturing processes and generating revenue from energy savings by selling the excess back to the grid.
  • Using Microsoft Virtual Earth and Bing Maps to visually represent real time performance data on the steam infrastructure beneath Manhattan.
  • Correlating high-resolution oscillo data at the cycle level with monitoring and SCADA data to pinpoint what equipment caused a fault or transient and to plan voltage step-up/step-down needs based on forecasted demand.
  • Correlating operational data down to the unit or equipment level in power plants with fuel commodity data in real time to maximize fuel buys on the commodity markets.
  • How in October OSISoft will be integrating Office Communications Server into the Pi system, taking personalized notifications, team collaboration, presence, and workflow to the next level.

Good stuff from an industry leader and great partner!