Congrats to Boeing on the first flight of the 787 Dreamliner!


I remember a couple of years ago when the Microsoft industry team led an effort to support the public launch of the 787 at Boeing Field.  It’s been a long journey but as a former aerospace industry guy, it thrills me to see the first flight from such a complex and ambitious program.  Here’s a few shots from the launch party in July 2007, including the Flight Simulator booth at the Museum of Flight (Peter Wengert, Marc Monplaisir), the 7-series lineup on the runway, a Rolls-Royce test engine mounted on a 747 airframe, and the Dreamlifter:

Boeing Dreamliner Launch 007 Boeing Dreamliner Launch 031 Boeing Dreamliner Launch 043 Boeing Dreamliner Launch 086

Best wishes to one of the Puget Sound area’s iconic companies! 

787 Launch website is at