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"Computer science is no more about computers than astronomy is about telescopes" -Edsger W. Dijkstra

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  • Blog Post: Blog change

    I will post further reflections on business value with software development and on the reflective practice of "architecture" on the following address:
  • Blog Post: Reflective developer

    ...or why I see no authority in traditional certification exams? I have followed authority and I am aware of the value of doing that, so much so that today I still look forward to follow authority. A serious problem is precisely that there is no grounds to hold any longer the belief that the mindset...
  • Blog Post: Aesthetics in software design

    Designing software, like many other interesting activities, involves both science and art [ Knuth74 ]. The activity, therefore, has objective and subjective aspects. The objective and subjective have each their due prominence. Objectivity predominates in science while in the arts predominates the cultivation...
  • Blog Post: Egoless architecture

    What is architecture? Which could be the shared properties among diverse schools of thought and practice of architecture? Complexity management is possibly a common property among these kinds of design disciplines. Such complexity is present in many respects; some are of essential complexity, some of...
  • Blog Post: Empirically controlled?

    The creation of software-based business solutions, also known as application development, could benefit a lot from specific kinds of development processes; in particular those controlled empirically, like those with an iterative and incremental kernel inside, like Adaptive, Crystal Clear, DSDM, Scrum...
  • Blog Post: Architecture and empowerment

    How bad could organizational hierarchies be for the advance of professionalism in the business of software creation? In particular, command and control organizational hierarchies derived from misinterpretations of the concept of ‘governance’. I suggest that the advance of professionalism...
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