January, 2005

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    Device provisioning with XML

    I guess this post is loosely related to deployment – I’ve been working on another customer question today around pre-configuring a VPN connection to use IPSec pre-shared keys. One of the really useful features of Smartphone that made it to Pocket PC 2003...
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    device management: SOTI MobiControl

    It’s been a bit of a 'security' weekend for me - I got a mail from Rick Engle Friday about security (BTW Rick is one of the most device hungry geeks I have had the pleasure of meeting) and he pointed me here ( http://www.geekzone.co.nz/content.asp?contentid...
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    Securing Windows Mobile

    I tend to get a lot of questions about Windows Mobile security and it always seems the same questions get asked: data transmission, local store, local authentication, loss of device etc. I just answered another question from a Microsoft consultant in...
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    Spurious space characters from Pocket PC Keyboard (SIP)

    I was working with a company last week looking into a really weird issue on a Pocket PC 2003 device: just occasionally when their users login to the app they were seeing random spaces inserted into the user name field (possibly the password as well but...
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    Deploying applications to Windows Mobile

    I thought I would be a little different and make my first post as useful as possible by including some of my latest work. I guess I cant totally skip the intro bit tho: My name is Marcus Perryman and I've been working with or for Microsoft in the UK for...
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