June, 2005

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    SQL Mobile

    I had a question recently about memory issues with the SqlCeConnection class used in conjunction with SQL Mobile. In this customers app it appeared the class was leaking resources that were not being collected by the GC. So after just a few minutes of...
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    Windows Mobile in Kiosk Mode

    This topic rates in my top 3 'soapbox' issues and it’s about time I vented some of my inner frustration... so let me just step up onto my soapbox and begin. Imagine a large enterprise wants to roll out a line of business application to its field or...
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    Autorun installation

    My first post on this blog was about deploying application and I touched briefly on autorun.exe. I have been asked several times to expand on this and go into the details so here it is! Windows Mobile supports a simple, automated way of installing...
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    Mobile events over the summer

    Missed the Mobile Embedded Developers Conference? Didn’t get to see the sessions you wanted to see? Want to discuss the features and benefits in a more open environment? If any of these apply to you come along to one of the evening events planned for...
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    Messaging and Security Feature Pack

    6th June, TechEd USA, Steve Ballmer announced the Messaging and Security Feature Pack for Windows Mobile 5.0. In conjunction with Exchange SP2 this brings push e-mail to Windows Mobile 5.0 devices by using a direct link from Exchange server to device...
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    Smart client, Smart Roadster car competition (UK only)

    The generous people at Microsoft UK are running a developer focused competition with questions about various aspects of smart client development. These won’t be tough questions and the relevant educational material will be available. The competition runs...
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