Well, its all over for another year. So much prep and rushing about, then 2 days later its all done - today seems such an anticlimax.

I want to say thanks to David Goon, John Wyre and the rest of the UK team that so competently put MEDC together year after year, and give us the opportunity (excuse?) to be totally immersed in everything mobile for 48 hours. Also thanks to the highly competent US team that supported each of the global MEDC events, ending with Berlin yesterday - it was also good to match email names with real faces. And that goes for the delegates as well, great to have so many enthusiastic conversations and share experiences - as well as putting faces to email addresses.

So I will try and find time to blog more details from my two sessions, but I've already been asked for the slides so here they are:

APP304  - Bluetooth Communication in Windows Embedded CE and Windows Mobile

APP407 - Inside Windows Mobile Device Provisioning