• Microsoft Maren

    Your Maren story

    “So, tonight is the big game, my team has finally made it to the finals. I feel like inviting some of my friends over to watch the game together. I fire up my email client and invite them to my place. I note down some additional items in my todo list...
  • Microsoft Maren

    Ahlan waSahlan fi 3alam Maren

    Maren converts Romanized Arabic, i.e Arabic text written through Roman characters, into Arabic script as you type. And hence you as a writer/author will be able to send your thoughts in Arabic-script-Arabic instead of Romanized-Arabic, and your recipients...
  • Microsoft Maren

    World, meet Microsoft Maren

    Saba7 El 7'eir At some point back in the early nineties seeing the above words on a PC screen would have caused me to stop and worry I might have a file corruption. Today, I see such Romanized Arabic words everyday on TV, on my PC or mobile, on...
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