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  • Blog Post: What is the definition of Software as a Service?

    If you go to you will end up with the definition: “Software deployed as a Service and accessed using Internet technologies”. To me this is very broad probably too broad. Unfortunately I don’t have anything clearer and more precise than this. From the talks with the parties involved...
  • Blog Post: Ownership of customer relations

    Many hosters make their money servicing consumers in a low margin business. Many of them have a business brand like Cohaesio vs. Surftown or Schlund&Partner vs. 1&1. I’m not sure how realistic a scenario would be where a hoster would give up customer relations by only selling delivery platform...
  • Blog Post: Design-time vs. Run-time

    In a hosted environment an application will not have the full freedom of choosing it’s runtime behavior and the way it is being provisioned. There are many policies defined in a hosted environment that need to be enforced from the service provider. Therefore I see the merge of the two manifests as a...
  • Blog Post: Design and Architecture of a SaaS Delivery Platform

    Michel Baladi posted a lot of information on the outcome of our efforts regarding the SaaS Delivery platform in his blog. You can find the information at
  • Blog Post: Application Manifest and Platform Manifest

    The two most significant innovations which came out of the Architecture sessions are those two manifests. The application manifest is something built by the software vendor to actually define the needs of an application in a hosted environment. It contains information for Provisioning as well as information...
  • Blog Post: Shared database scenario – Why care?

    We discussed the shared database approach or multi-tenant data layer and came to the conclusion that running backups is not so much of a problem but restoring data on a tenant by tenant basis would be a complex pattern that is not supported currently, neither by software vendors nor by the Windows-or...
  • Blog Post: My view on Architecture of a multi-tenant application

    with the nex posts I'd like to share some of my experiences with Software as a Service. They are intended to be a basis for a discussion and my very personal view.
  • Blog Post: Visit Estonia

    Today I started my first trip to Estonia where I'll be speaking to students about Web2.0 and related SaaS engagements I'm currently doing. Additionally I'll give an overview on AJAX We will also visit a hoster this week.
  • Blog Post: Enabling and Delivering Software as a Service

    Presentations from this conference are available here .
  • Blog Post: Entering the SaaS space

    With a first ADS (Architectural Design Session) at the Microsoft Innovation Center in Denmark we stepped into a very interesting space. In October we spent three days together with a hoster and a software vendor discussing opportunities and technologies arround Software as a Service. I think we need...
  • Blog Post: SaaS - Whitepaper

    It is called "Architecture Strategies for Catching the Long Tail" and for me it is the best paper about this topic so far - and I like the the way Frederick Chong and Gianpaolo Carraro view the SaaS world with a mixture of de-mystification and what the opportunity could be. I very much like the architecture...
  • Blog Post: Microsoft Command Shell Activity

    On Webhosting Day in Brühl I showed a Windows Workflow Activity which is able to host the Microsoft Shell. I think this could potentially be a way to build a modern Provisioning System. There would be several advantages. You would have a lot of flexibilty while using an infrastructure that offers automatic...
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