Model driven list pages are new types of list pages introduced in ax2012.

In a model driven list page, is targeted towards designing once(in the ax win32 development environment) and deploying to multiple framework(win32 client and enterprise portal or ep).

Moreover, the model driven list pages are tailored towards forcing the developer into seperation of ux(declarative) and business logic(code) and therefore, limit the addition of code in the ui model.

In order to add business logic, model driven list pages accept a class called the interaction class and as the name suggests this class :

1) Extend listpageinteraction class

2) Can Implement one or more of the default handlers hooked to the ui that fire at certain stages of the form's lifetime including:




...and many more


here is how you create a model driven list page:

create a form

modify the formtemplate property on the form to listpage, notice a grid gets added automatically to the design

select the datasource node and set the query property to the query that will drive the data for this list page


create an interaction class and set the interactionclass property on the form

drag and drop fields onto the grid

add ep and client menu items to point to that list page.


now the list page is available to consume on the rich client and on ep.


more details and example to follow next week hopefully...





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